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Joe Porter, Head of Pinafore Pictures
The most successful & influential man in Hollywood - former umbrella salesman


Mike Corcoran, Director
Always looking to advance his career. Seeks job security thru marriage
of his daughter, Brenda Blossom, to studio head, Joe Porter… very nervous


Brenda Blossom, Biggest Star at Pinafore Pictures  
On top of the world. Detests crying babies, laundry and honest reviews.
Loves fame, fortune… and more fame.
Secretly in love with lowly writer


Rafe Rackstraw, Lowly Writer
Secretly in love with Brenda Blossom. Terrified of shadows,
especially his own – loves to tango.
Reluctant leader of other lowly writers


Louhedda Hopsons, Gossip Columnist
Makes and breaks careers. Confuses fact, fiction and gossip…
”Whatever, just PRINT it!” Many would like to see HER Hedda on the Blocka


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