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Prepare for a raucous, over-the-top feel good night in the theatre. 

Broadway’s greatest comic dramatist, George S. Kaufman, had the savvy to take 
the world of Gilbert & Sullivan and move it to a bustling 1940s Hollywood film studio.
Kaufman’s musical
HOLLYWOOD PINAFORE is a dog-eat-dog world of
lust, lies and laughs.


Joe Porter, powerful head of Pinafore Pictures, wants to marry screen starlet, 
Brenda Blossom. But she is secretly in love with (GASP!) the poor but well- meaning
script writer, Rafe Rackstraw. If she marries Rafe, Porter will have her banished from
Hollywood and force her to earn her living (ANOTHER GASP!) acting on the stage.
What’s a superstar to do?


Fortunately, everything turns out for the best and “It’s happily-ever-after” – just as you’d want from a Hollywood movie!


Hysterical satire, outrageous personalities, unforgettable music – it’s 1940s Hollywood at it’s best.


“Joyous. Voluptuous. Wonderful. Fast-paced.”  London Times


“Audience applauds it with unrestrained enthusiasm.”  Baltimore Sun

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